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By conveying the “eco-spirit” to our children and then their children,
the future that these children will grow up in should be much more
earth-friendly than now. If we are able to contribute to
the eco-future through our HECMEC ...
For example, chairs made of paper tubes with animals printed on them can be used in biodiversity classes. Moreover, original chairs of your own can be created by drawing pictures, attaching stickers, or using any other ideas. Our chairs are fabricated, in consideration of future generations, as an education tool for use where children can enjoy environmental education.
The size of the chairs can be adjusted to suit the users by changing the length of the paper tubes, meaning that chairs are able to keep pace with the growth of children.
The main materials are paper tubes and resin. As chairs can easily be disassembled using a hexagon wrench, both paper tubes and resin can be recycled.

Our chairs are fabricated with minimal environmental load throughout the manufacturing process, from procurement of raw materials to product disposal and recycling. CO2 emission has been reduced by no less than 40% by changing the raw material for frames from the “steel” normally used to “paper tubes”.
By using a plant-based resin for the resin parts, such as backrests and seats, CO2 emission can greatly be reduced during the overall life cycle, saving on precious fossil resources when compared to using a fossil resource-based resin.

CO2 排出量比較グラフ

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